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Have an SSL Certificate installed for $29

You see them more and more, those https padlocks. Nowadays it is certainly a good idea to secure your website using an SSL certificate. Not only does it encrypt your website – users information, it also looks professional and is now even a Google Ranking factor.

1. Pick whether you wold like a free or paid SSL Certificate.

In many cases you can simply go for the free certificate. However, if you would like the certificate to confirm that its really your company’s website, you could also choose to get a “premium” ssl certificate.

2. The SSL certificate will be installed within 24 hours.

You will not have to do anthing. In most cases everything is completely finished within 24 hours. Do you have webdesigner? Deepjar could work together with him or her to make sure everything is installed correctly.

3. Congratulations, your are now part of the https club.

Ok ok, there is not really a club. However you can be happy knowing that data is safe and that website visitors can see that your website is secure. Lets review the advantages one more time: 

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